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“STATMed is the best doctor’s office I’ve ever been to!  I didn’t have to wait, they took care of everything I needed, and the price was affordable!  I am so grateful that STATMed is here!” 
A.M, Albuquerque.

“I went to STATMed and all I wanted was a Rapid Strep, and they did it!  I didn’t have to see the doctor, it only took 10 minutes and cost just $15. What a great service!” 
M.C, Placitas

“I didn’t know what I was going to do!  I didn’t have insurance and I needed my blood pressure medicine.  STATMed saved the day!  I got in for a physical the SAME day! My meds were refilled, the labs I needed were ordered, and they took great care of me!” 
P.R, Albuquerque

“I had a terrible sore throat and I called my doctor and they said they could see me NEXT week!  So I called STATMed. They saw me the same day and the staff was great. I’ll definitely go back to STATMed!” 
A.T, Albuquerque

“I was visiting from out of town and got a terrible sinus infection. I didn’t know where to go so I looked in the phone book and saw STATMed. I made an appointment, they saw me within 15 minutes and gave me the antibiotics I needed. STATMed is a lifesaver!” 
T.L, Chicago, IL

“My 4 year old daughter was complaining that her ear hurt and she had a runny nose. Her doctor couldn’t see her for 2 days, and I always have to wait an hour or 2 before she’s seen. So I decided to try STATMed. They were so nice and she was seen right away!  My daughter had an ear infection, she was started on antibiotics, and we were on our way in less than a half hour!”
T.L., Albuquerque

“I stepped on a nail and all I wanted was a tetanus shot. I called around, and EVERYONE said I had to have an appointment first, and I couldn’t get that for a week!  The last time I went to Urgent Care I waited 4 hours!  So I called STATMed.  They gave me my tetanus shot, didn’t make me see the doctor, and the cost was really affordable!  I’ll definitely go back to STATMed!”
M.G, Albuquerque

“I was feeling really tired, thirsty and urinating a lot. I called UNM and qualified for UNM Care, but then had to wait 2 months for my appointment.  Then, when I went for my appointment, they had cancelled it and rescheduled it for 3 months later!  I couldn’t wait anymore, so I went to STATMed. They diagnosed my diabetes RIGHT THERE, started my on medication, told me where I could call for education. STATMed saved my life!” 
R.K., Albuquerque

“I needed my annual PAP smear, and I was getting tired of going to Planned Parenthood, so I thought I’d give STATMed a try. They were great!  The staff was nice, the doctor was gentle, and they had the results in 2 days and not only called me, but sent me the results too!  I felt so well cared for at STATMed!” 
S.M, Albuquerque

“I was on the job and I cut my hand on some sheet metal. It wasn’t all that bad, but I knew the cut needed stitches. The last time I went to the ER, I waited 8 hours and it cost my almost $700! So I went to STATMed. They were great!  It took about ½ an hour, they did a great job, and it cost a lot less than the ER.   I could go back to work and I didn’t lose the whole day.  What a great idea!” 
T.L., Albuquerque

“I’m a truck driver and I needed my CDL physical exam.  No one in town could see me--except STATMed!  They got me in THAT day,did the exam, filled out all of the paperwork and it only cost $65!  I’ll definitely go back to STATMed!” 
J.C., Albuquerque