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back or belly cost $125 if less than 1” and $190 for 1”-3”.  For the face, hand or foot it costs $190 for 1” or less and $225 for 1”- 3”. There will be additional charges if the cut is deep and has to have an inside layer of stitches. If there is a possibility that a foreign body is in the cut, you must have an x-ray (at additional cost) to check for the object (that’s because if a foreign body is left in your cut, you might develop a serious infection!). There is no charge for follow-up visits and suture removal.

Ingrown Toenail - $120
We can fix this too!  AND we are VERY gentle!

Remove Foreign Body
If you know you have something stuck in you (like a fishhook or sliver) we can take it out.  We numb the area and then gently remove the item.  Then we thoroughly irrigate the wound and close it if it needs it.  The cost depends on what you have stuck and where it is. The cost can range from $150 to $225 and can be higher if you need an x-ray.

Ear Irrigation
A lot of people get wax plugs in their ear canals and need them washed out--and it’s hard to do to yourself!  1 ear-$45   Both ears-$65

Remove Skin Lesions
We can take off those moles that are bothering you or look suspicious.  The cost depends on where the lesion is and how big it is.  The cost usually ranges from $150-$225.  Also, if the doctor is concerned that the lesion looks suspicious, you also have to agree to have the sample sent for a pathology microscopic exam to be sure it isn’t cancer.  The pathology cost is charged directly to you from the lab, and can range from $120-$175.


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Abscess Incision and Drainage -$120
The abscess is prepped with local anesthesia and then carefully opened, drained, explored, irrigated and packed.  There is no charge for any follow-up visits or repeated drainage.

We do sutures!  And we’ll offer you alternatives if it doesn’t look like your wound needs stitches.  The cost of sutures depends on where the cut is, how deep and long it is, and if there is a chance that something is stuck in the cut (dirt, wood, glass).  As an estimate:  Cuts on the arms, legs, chest,