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DOT/CDL Physicals
Regulations for these physicals changed dramatically 5/21/14. Examiners have been required to take an expensive course and pass a certifying test to be able to do the exams. We also have to enter all of our physicals into a FMCSA data base once a month. Consequently, the cost has increased.
$85 Healthy, non-smoker, under 230lbs, no medications.
$100 and up-Smoker over 35, medications, over 230lbs
**YOU MUST BRING IN LAST CARD and LONG FORM if available and BOTH GLASSES AND CONTACTS if you wear contacts.***

PAP Smear and Physical
This visit is for the healthy woman who needs her annual PAP smear. The exam includes full vital signs, review of your health history, complete exam, PAP smear, and an updated prescription of your current birth control pills. There are additional charges if you need to start birth control pills, don't like the one you're taking and need to discuss options or have other medical problems or medications. TriCore lab bills you directly for the cost of reading the PAP smear, and currently that charge is $37. If you have health insurance we can submit that information to TriCore and it might cover the cost. $90/$120-$150 if new or a change in contraception is needed.

Complete Adult Physical
This is for the adult who feels healthy, but wants a complete physical exam. The visit includes complete vital signs including body fat analysis, thorough review of your past medical history and family history, complete physical exam (including prostate exam for men), and a review of the appropriate cancer and health screening tests that apply to you.  For women, we will also do a pelvic exam and PAP smear. We will gladly order any blood test that you want and we call you with the results the day after you have your blood drawn and mail the results to you.  Cost: Varies depending on the length of the visit-$120 and up to $240 for a full hour.

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Physical Exams

School/Camp Physicals  
This visit is for healthy kids who need physicals to go to school or camp. We will complete all the paperwork you need and do a complete physical. If your child has medical problems or is on medications, there may be an additional charge.  (By the way-we don’t have immunizations for kids under 16).  $65 if healthy. $90-$150 if any issues.***We do NOT do routine health physicals for young children.****