Click on the links below to download the forms you need for your first visit so you can fill them out before you come and save some time.

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Binding Arbitration

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The first time you come to STATMed you will be asked to complete a short information sheet that tells us about any past medical problems, the medicines you’re taking, any medical allergies, and your medical family history.  Please be as complete as you can!  We don’t want to miss anything!  There are 2 other papers for you to review that explain or privacy policy and one that asks you to agree to binding arbitration (click HERE to learn more about Binding Arbitration).

Once you’ve completed the forms, our secretary puts the necessary information into the computer and then our medical assistant calls you back and takes your vital signs - temperature, blood pressure, oxygen level, pulse, respiratory rate, body weight and height.  You can also ask to have your body fat percentage checked.

After your vital signs are completed, then you are taken to the exam room and the doctor comes to see you.  We try very hard to be on time and not keep you waiting.  If there are other patients ahead of you, we’ll tell you and give you our best estimate as to how long you might have to wait.  If the wait feels too long, just tell us!  We’ll make an appointment for you at a time we are sure we can see you without a wait.

The doctor reviews your past medical history, and then completes your exam.  The doctor might need some other tests before the diagnosis can be made, and if there is an additional charge for the test, you’ll be told up front.  Once the evaluation is done, the doctor will write your prescriptions and give you the instructions--so you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything. Don’t forget to ask for a work release if you need it!

After everything is finished, you will go back to the front desk and pay for the visit.  We take cash, credit and debit cards and we also accept MEDICARE, Pres Health Plan, Pres Senior Plan-PPO ONLY, United, Lovelace (including the Senior Plan), Humana and Cigna, Centennial Care (Medicaid) from Pres and United IF Dr. Near is assigned as your primary care physician. (We do not accept Blue Cross or Aetna) You will be given a receipt with all the information you need to file for reimbursement with your insurance company if you have one. 

Click the links on the right side of this page to download the forms you need for your first visit so you can fill them out before you come and save some time.

Tetanus vaccine, Hepatitis B immunization, MMR or PPD
If all you want is one of these, just come in and ask for it! It only takes about 10 minutes! (We don't provide Varicella vaccine-Passport Health is a good source for this.)

We no longer have x-ray on site. You will need to have an office visit first and then the x-ray will be ordered for you.

Lab Tests
You can ask for a Rapid Strep test without paying for an office visit-which only costs $15 and takes about 10 minutes. You can also get immunization titers for Hepatitis B, Varicella and MMR without an office visit. All other lab tests require an office visit. Any Labs Now offers a wide range of blood tests without an office visit, but they are more expensive.

New Patients

At STATMed you MUST have an appointment. Our practice is now predominately PRIMARY CARE and appointments. We offer Urgent Care services to our current primary care patients first, and then to new patients based on availability. If you decide to walk-in, we MIGHT be able to see you, but you could wait 1-2 hours. It is ALWAYS BEST TO CALL AHEAD and make an appointment.