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General Health Information

Nurse Advise
Free statewide nurse line for medical questions, 24/7.

Web MD
Popular and thorough site covering a wide range of medical topics.

Extensive library of health topics. Great resource for medication info.

Health Finder
National Institute of Health web site with excellent reviews on a wide range of health topics.

Travel Medicine
Center for Disease Control site outlining the immunizations and preventive tips for travel.

General Health
Good reviews and discussions of general medicine topics.

An excellent local practice with great exercise suggestions, treatment options, and discussions of a wide variety of orthopedic problems. Be sure to check out their Anatomy Library and Exercise Library.

Chiropractic Treatment
Great site for a review of chiropractic care and theory.

Vegetarian Resource
Vegetarian articles and recipes.

Health Foods
Wild Oats web site with great information on healthy and organic foods.

Natural grass fed beef resources.

Evaluating Health Resources
This site has ratings for hospitals, nursing homes and health plans.

Books and Guides
Lists some of the best books on health topics.

America’s Council on Fitness reviews the guidelines for healthy execises.

Links to information on fitness and weight loss.

Health Savings Accounts
These are excellent sites that explain Health Savings Accounts.  Some have links to sites that market HSAs in our area.

US Treasury Site

HSA Insider

HSA Plans

Health Resources

Here’s a list of some excellent web sites that can help you answer your questions about symptoms, medications, and preventive health.  Let us know if you have a favorite we could add to the list!