Do you see kids?
Do I need an appointment?
Do you take Medicare?


Frequently Asked Questions 

Do you see children?
Yes!  We see children 2 years and older. However, we don’t carry vaccines for children.

Do I need an appointment?
Yes. Our practice has changed to predominately PRIMARY CARE and our schedule is very busy. We offer our current patients urgent care visits first, and then to new patients if we have availability. If you walk in, you will be scheduled for an appointment, usually on the same day, unless it's after 4PM, then your appointment will be for the following day.

Why can’t you tell me exactly how much it will cost if I come in?
We can give you an exact price for some of our
services, but other problems are a lot harder to estimate. It's like a mechanic trying to tell you over

the phone exactly how much it will cost to fix that “pinging” sound coming from your car’s engine. It could be simple, or it could be a very complicated issue. our body and health are even more complicated than a car. Sometimes evaluating someone for a sore throat is fairly straight-forward and sometimes it’s very complicated because the person has a history of cancer in the throat, or diabetes, or chronic steroid use for asthma, or AIDS. The more details you give us over the phone, the better our estimate will be, but it’s ALWAYS just an estimate. You can also ask to have a 5 minutes consultation with the doctor after you’ve completed your health intake form to get a better idea of the cost. Ultimately, the cost of the visit depends on how much time you spend with the doctor.

What if I think I have Strep?
You have a choice. You can just do a Rapid Strep test for $15 that takes 10 minutes, then if it is positive, you see the doctor for an office visit to be examined and prescribed appropriate antibiotics. The cost of the office visit depends on your specific circumstances, but starts at $70.34. If the test is negative, then you most likely have a virus and we'll give you some suggestions as to how to take care of it. You can always see the doctor even if your test is negative.

Can you do PAP smears?
Absolutely!  We also do a complete heath history review and physical exam at the same time.

Do you have X-Ray?
No. We no longer offer x-rays on site. If you need an x-ray you will need to be seen for an office visit that start at $70.34 and can be higher depending on your situation.

Do I have to see the doctor before I have an x-ray?

Do you accept insurance?
Yes, we accept Blue Cross Blue Shield (not their Senior Plan-they have a closed network), Pres Health Plan, Pres Senior Plan-PPO ONLY, Medicare, United, Cigna, Lovelace, Lovelace Senior Plan, Humana and Centennial Care (Medicaid) from Pres, Blue Cross and United IF Dr. Near is listed as your primary care physican. We do not accept Aetna at this time. Please call for a current list of the insurances that we accept

Do you take Medicare?
Yes, BUT BE CAREFUL! If you have signed up with a Senior Plan-which is just like an HMO- from an insurance we don't accept-like Blue Cross and Presbyterian, then you CANNOT BE SEEN HERE. We DO accept Pres Senior Plan PPO only. We also accept Humana Senior Plan and Lovelace Senior Plan. We accept AARP supplement and United supplements. We cannot accept Blue Cross Senior Plan because they have a closed network.

Do you take Medicaid?
Yes, from Pres, Blue Crossand United IF Dr. Near is listed as your primary care provider only.

Do you do stitches?
Yes! And we’ll check your wound, and if we think you could be treated just as well with a less invasive approach (“butterfly bandages” (steri-strips) we’ll let you make the choice.

Can I get a tetanus shot there?
Yes-and you don’t have to see the doctor.  The medical assistant will review your tetanus history and check if you’re allergic to the vaccine, review everything with the doctor, and give you the vaccine.  It usually takes about 10 minutes. The tetanus vaccine we administer has pertussis in it, which covers Whooping Cough since there has been a recent increase in the number of cases of Whooping Cough.

Can you take off ingrown toenails?
Yes! And we’re very gentle about it!

Do you take out foreign bodies--like glass, wood and fishhooks?
Yes-including minor objects in the eye. 

Do you do physical exams?
Yes-we do all kinds of physical exams, including school, sports, pre-employment, CDL, DOT and general health physicals.However, we do NOT do "wellness" exams for children under 13 who may need vaccinations.

Do you have the flu shot?
No. There is too much competition for providing flu shots and they are too expensive for us to provide.

Do you file Workman’s Compensation claims?
No, we don’t. But we can take care of minor injuries that happen on the job a lot faster and for a lot less money than the ER or another Urgent Care.  If making the claim with the Workman’s Compensation insurance is not a priority, we would be a better choice.

Is the doctor at STATMed on call?
No, the doctor is only available during our office hours, including prescription refill authorizations.You can call the Nurse Advise Line at 877-725-2552 and get excellent advise for most problems.

Do you take care of pregnant women?
No, our malpractice insurance does not allow us to manage pregnancies.

Do you put on casts?
No. If you have a fracture, we fit you with a splint and then help you find an orthopedist who can apply the cast.  We can’t put on casts because our malpractice insurance doesn’t cover us for that.

Why do I have to sign the Binding Arbitration agreement?
Well, you don’t HAVE to sign it, but you do need to sign it if you want to be seen at STATMed.  We use binding arbitration because it puts one more step in the process of grievance resolution and hopefully will reduce the cost of malpractice insurance (which is insanely expensive!).

Do you do allergy shots?
That all depends on what you’re talking about.  Some people call the desensitization shots that you get twice a week “allergy shots”, and we don’t do those.  Some people get a steroid shot in the spring and call that an “allergy shot”. We can do steroid shots, although you will need to have an office visit and discuss your allergies and the treatment options first.